Minsk 16 - 21 June 2020


Dear friends!

Belarusiаn Fencing Federation is glad to meet you on European Senior Championships in Minsk.
We are grateful for European Fencing Confederation for the opportunity to accept the best European sportsman on Belarusiаn land. We regard this event as recognition international sports association of the authority Belarusiаn fencing.
We are sure that the European Championships in Minsk will be not only  a significant milestone in the history of European fencing, but will also give a new impulse to the promotion of this magnificent and impressive Olympic sport.

We expect the bright fights, uncompromising struggle and beautiful victories.
Good luck to all athletes and let the strongest person win!

Dmitry Shichko 
Chairman of the public association «Belarusiаn Fencing Federation»

Dear friends!
I am extremely pleased to welcome the participants and guests of the European Fencing Championships!
For all fencers of the Old Continent this is the main start of the season. Considering the fact, that this year the European Championships is precedes the Olympic Games in Tokyo, we are
expecting to see spectacular and excited competitions. European fencers always are at the forefront of world sports, demonstrating not only jewelry mastery of weapons, but also original
fencing values – strong friendship and deep respect for the opponent. Let us remember that sport has always been and remains one of the main driving forces on earth, capable, bypassing politics, to unite people from all continents for the benefit of peace and the pursuit of the best.
This year the European Championship will be hosted by the capital of Belarus, Minsk, which is a city with rich fencing traditions. The entire sports world knows the names of the great champions: Alexander Romankov, Elena Belova, Victor Sidyak, Tatyana Samusenko, Alexei Nikanchikov. I am convinced, that this significant, from all positions, tournament will be a great boost to the further development of fencing in Belarus, and the Championships itself will be held at a high organizational level.
I want to thank the leadership of the country and the National Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusiаn  Fencing Federation for their support and the great work, which was done for organizing such a large-scale tournament. I wish all participants an uncompromising and honest fight, and to the guests, fans and spectators the most pleasant emotions from staying in the capital of Belarus and to see spectacular, exciting fights.
Stanislav Pozdnyakov
President of the European Fencing Confederation
Dear friends!
On behalf of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus and on my own behalf, I’m glad to congratulate you on the opening of the European Championship, which soon will start
in Minsk!
These competitions are an important event in the sport life not only in our country, but in the whole Europe. It’s an additional impetus to the fencing popularization, which allows fans to watch
interesting and exciting fights with great excitement. Fencing has glorious traditions in Belarus. Our athletes have already entered their names in the history of world sports. These are: Victor Sidyak, Elena Belova, Tatyana Samusenko, Alexander Romankov, Alexey Nikanchikov, Nikolai Alekhin and many others who have multiplied the world fencing popularity with their performances. And today this sport is actively developing in Belarus.
The new generation, what we are counting on, is growing up. Holding the European Fencing Championships for us is an exam that we can handle, without any doubt. The Republic of Belarus
has rich experience in conducting competitions of the highest level. I am convinced that in this case it will be, as usual, a bright, memorable holiday that will attract an attention of fencing fans, and the championship itself will be held in the spirit of uncompromising and honest struggle. Let  termination, willpower and team spirit will help athletes to perform with dignity!
I wish success to the participants of the competition. And to all spectators – an unforgettable experience!
Sergey Kovalchuk
Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus

Dear friends!

On behalf of all residents of the city and from the bottom of my heart, I will be happy to welcome in Minsk participants and guests of the European fencing Championships.

Belarus is famous for its hospitality, and Minsk is happy to open its doors for a sporting event of a continental scale. It is nice to realize, that the Belarusien capital is ready to host with dignity the European sports forum and the best athletes in Europe.

Our city makes maximum effort to develop sports and we are sincerely proud of the achievements of our athletes. I am sure that the European championship in Minsk will become the bright event in the sports life of our city, the sports holiday, where agility, beauty, team spirit, the ability to fight and win will be the components of a great sporting success.

I have no doubt that the European championship will be held at a high organizational level, and the athletes will please us with their skills, demonstration of character and strength of spirit, as well as the honest and uncompromising wrestling. I wish all participants of the competitions to take part in exciting matches, to feel sports excitement, to reach high results and brilliant victories, let guests and spectators have a great mood, positive emotions and bright impressions!

Anatoly Sivak
Chairman of the Minsk city Executive Committee.